News: Out Going E-mails Limit

Published: 25/08/2010 Back

We are continuously receiving complaints for our users involved in
Mass/ Bulk/ Spam mailing which is causing server IP Address to be
blacklisted, with blacklisted IP other servers start rejecting mails
received from our server, making normal/ genuine users hard to send any

At the time of posting we already have 8 open complaints and
responsible users hosting accounts would be deactivated as per our

To prevent further e-mail service abuse, we have restricted out going
e-mails limit to 300 e-mails per day, it means a single domain can only
send 300 e-mails in a single day.

For any kind of Bulk/ Newsletter mailing, an e-mail hosting service provider should be contacted,

e.g.  www.constantcontact.com