News: No Personal Paypal Transactions for Indian Users.

Published: 06/10/2010 Back

Paypal has made some important changes to user agreement today, which
are important for Indian Paypal users to understand. Indian users cannot use Paypal for receiving
or sending personal payments. Indian registered Paypal accounts may
neither send nor receive personal transaction payments. This means that
you cannot send personal transaction payments to Indian registered

What does this mean for Indian Paypal users who are receiving payments from other countries?

If you are an Indian Paypal user and have monthly recurring payments set
up with your clients across the world, it makes sense to convert your
personal account into business account. So you can carry on receiving payment from other countries and you can send the payments too.

What’s the different between my existing personal Paypal account and business Paypal account?

Paypal allows some free personal payment transactions but it charges a small fees for business transactions. For every business transaction you do, there will be a small percentage of payment deducted as a fee by Paypal.

The upcoming policy updates are available at Paypal website.