Thanks to our Grid Platform we are able to offer features to our clients which are only available to large enterprises and businesses who can afford them. We are the only hosting company who is offering enterpirse class backups and data replication/mirroring with our standard Grid web hosting products.

We periodically live mirror/replicate data from primary storage to secondary storage repositories, in the event of primary data storage/disks failure we do not need to restore data from backups instead the websites will start serving data from the secondary storage sub system.

Highly available nature of Grid will make sure that no matter what happens server failure, hard drive failure or complete server failure; instead of having to wait for several hours or even days to finish the restoration of the data from backup, your website will remain working with little to no downtime.

Scheduled Backup & Replication Cycle

Backup Policy
Replication Policy
Windows - File Servers Every 4 Hours Every 2nd Hour
Linux - File Servers Every 4 Hours Every 2nd Hour
Linux - MySQL DataBase Servers Every 2nd Hour Every Hour
Windows - MSSQL DataBase Servers Every 2nd Hour Every Hour
Windows - E-Mail Servers Every 6 Hours Every 3 Hours
Linux - E-Mail Servers (Backed Up Along With the File Server) Every 4 Hours Every 2nd Hour

Restorable Backup Copies

At any time we will be able to restore your data from available restore points as mentioned below.

Server Type Restore Points
Windows - File Servers 42
Linux - File Servers 42
Linux - MySQL DataBase Servers 84
Windows - MSSQL DataBase Servers 84
Windows - E-Mail Servers 28
Linux - E-Mail Servers 42

* Above mentioned backup policy is only applicable for our Grid Hosting products.
** Backup & Replication feature is provided as courtesy on best efforts basis.
*** We reserve the right to change our backup & replication policy any time without any prior notice.

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