Get your Free migration started today; your website will be in safe hands…

Our experienced team of system administrators have migrated thousands of websites smoothly with little to no downtime, ensuring your migrated website works perfectly on our new platform/server.

Our hassle free migration service allows move not only from cPanel to cPanel but we also migrate between cross platform & cross control panels. We will move your website, all required files as well as databases from your old provider to your new Grid hosting account or Managed VPS/Dedicated Server with us.

  •  Little To No Downtime Of Website
  •  Average 48 Hours Migration Turn-around Time
  •  Migrates Website Files & Folders
  •  Database Migration (MySQL/MSSQL)
  •  E-mails & Data Migration*
  •  Cross Operating System Migration
  •  Cross Control Panel Migration
  •  Cross Platform Migration

Free Website Migration FAQs

What LoopByte products are eligible for free migration service?

Free Website migrations are available on following products :-

What is your free migration service?

Our free migration service allows clients hosted with any other provider to us. We understand that the migration process can be a hassle for you so we want to make it as easy as possible.

How long does it take to migrate a website to LoopByte?

We can not provice an exact time frame for migration as it depends on the varoius factors such as size of data, number of databases, complexity of your website as well as our current workload & migration queue. However we target most websites to be migrated within 48 working hours but generally it is much faster.

What information is required for the migration?

We generally need login details of control panel & ftp. If there is any more information needed we wil let you know.

What about E-mails? Do you also migrate E-Mails as well?

If the migration is to be done between cPanel to cPanel (linux to linux) then All e-mail addresses including mail data would be migrated provided Full CPanel backup option is enabled at your old provider. However any other migration scenario such as Windows to Windows, Linux to Windows or Windows to Linux will not migrate any E-Mail data automatically.

We will do a manual migration of e-mail accounts & mail data as given below :-

  • Grid Hosting - Up to 10 Accounts
  • Managed VPS - Up to 50 Accounts
  • Managed Dedicated - Up to 100 Accounts

extra mail boxes can be migrated @ ₹ 80/- per mail box.

Will my site have any downtime whle it is being migrated?

In most cases we are able to migrate your website without any downtime. After completion of data transfer we will provide you a tempoary url which you can use to verify your site. Once you have checked your site, on your approval we will point your domain towards our servers to make the site live with us.