Access your e-mails, contacts and calendars any time using a standard Web browser or from your mobile device.

Access your email messages contacts & calendars while roaming on the road, home or office using our easy to use webmail interface. The webmail interface offers similar functionality of a desktop/pc e-mail client providing end users to full collaboration & communication facility around the globe from anywhere there is an active Internet connection available.

Complete collaboration - work at home or on the go.

Collaborate and synchronize your email, calendars & contacts on the go while roaming or at home/office wtih CalDAV & CardDAV etc. Connect from any e-mail client like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla ThunderBird, Windows 8 Mail Client, Apple IOS (Iphone), Apple OS mail client, Android tablets and mobile phones and Windows tablets and mobiles etc.

AntiSpam - Powerful spam filtering to fight against onslaught of junk e-mails

Increase productivity and decrease time spent on handling junk mails. The GridMail includes an effective Spam filter layer which is able to provide upto 95% spam protection without using any third party filtering product.

By utilizing various spam filtering technologies such as greylisting, reverse DNS/PTR check, SPF, Bayesian filter, RBL, DomainKeys/DKIM and hundreds of other built in spam prevention mechanisms as well as per user custom filter settings which will help you to have spam free e-mails delivered into your mailbox.

Easy Migration - Migrate easily from any other e-mail service provider

Our GridMail allows you to migrate thousands of mailboxes including data/messages as well as user/passwords easily without having any downtime or loss of messages.

Any e-mail service which supports either IMAP or POP protocol could be transferred in realtime to our GridMail service quickly and efficiently.

Mail Server Security - In-built anti-virus protection

GridMail has in-built antivirus filter that prevents delivery of e-mails containing viruses, worms trojans and other malicious files which could be harmful for your workstation.

It also has support for HTTPS webmail and administration, SSL/TLS encryption for incoming/outgoing connections, brute force login protection, IP access restriction, mail relay restriction, intrusion detection and much more.

Plans & Pricing

Mail Boxes/Accounts 500 1000 1500 2000
Mail-Box Size 10GB 10GB 10GB 10GB
Guaranteed Uptime 99.999% 99.999% 99.999% 99.999%
Effective Price - Per Mail Box ₹ 150/mo ₹ 145/mo ₹ 140/mo ₹ 135/mo

99.999% Uptime Guarantee

Our distributed Grid Platform insures availability of your e-mails even if there is complete outage in our primary Data Center, your productivity will not suffer.

Advanced Spam & Virus Filtering

The Grid Mail provides seven level spam and virus protection. By utilizing most effective spam prevention techniques you will have upto 99% spam free e-mail.

Domain Administration

The web based domain administration allows creation/deletion of account, modification of quotas, Spam Filter settings & Virus filtering.

Auto Migration From Old Server

Our Grid Platfrom allows automatic migration from any other server it includes e-mail data as well as existing users with zero downtime.

Grid Platform

Our unique Grid system keeps your data distributed and replicated across multiple Data Centers providing a reliable, redundant & fault tolerance e-mail solution.

Groupware Support

The Groupware feature provides shared contacts/address book as well as Calendar. Powered by CalDAV, calendars can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device.

Fast Ajax / Web 2.0 web email interface

A fast, efficient and customisable/brandable webmail interface for desktops as well as a slim mobile device compatible interface.

Universal E-mail Clients

The Enterprise E-mail works with any e-mail client which supports Imap/Pop/Smtp protcols, some of them are Outlook, Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone, ThunderBird Etc.

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