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Enjoy our superior services powered by our own Grid technology with full peace of mind!

We Guard Your Websites From Hack Attacks!

We do things most other service providers would not even think possible! We have implemented our own security system LoopSecure, which is tightly intigerated into the Grid Controller to protect your websites from upto 98% hack attacks. With our innovative technology you will have most secure and stable web hosting experience!

  • Protection From XSS, CSRF/XSRF, SQL Injection
  • Protection From Cookie/Session Hijacking
  • Protection From Various Other Threats
  • Trojan, Backdoor, Spam Tools, Shell and Rootkit Blocking
  • Realtime Virus and Malware Protection

The Grid Technology

Our in-house team has developed The Grid system with features such as reliability, performance and vertical as well as horizontal scaling. No matter if your website serves to hundreds of visitors to hundreds of thousands the Grid can scale to provide required resources.

The Grid is underlying hardware management system which provides replication, redundancy, load balancing, fault-tolerance, backup & security. The Grid can provide resources for shared hosting as well as dedicated purpose. It was developed and created with certain key features that make it faster, secure and more reliable than shared hosting platform.

The Grid's clustered architecture allows the most efficient use of resources distributed across different hardware/servers.

Solid State Drive (SSD) Storage Array

Our Grid is powered by array of multiple Solid State Drives (SSD) on an Enterprise SAN delivering massive amount of raw IOPS.

Conventional rotation media (SATA drives) can not upkeep with the most demanding workloads which is why we have chosen SSD media for our Grid deployment, resulting a non congested & faster storage even at peek times.

24/7/365 Priority Support

At LoopByte we are proud to offer no excuse priority support. We guarantee true 24/7/365 technical support from our in-house support admins.

While most providers takes several hours and even days to provide support with lots of lame execuses, we excels in providing quality support that too in couple of minutes.

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Indian Data Center

We offer web hosting services on servers located in our India Data Center which provides low latency, decreases website loading time and boosts SEO ranking in local search results.

No Unlimited Hosting!

We do not overload servers by offering Too Good To be True unlimited websites & Space hosting offers which always comes with certain restrictions hidden in TOS/AUP.

Backup Backup & Backup!

Data safety is our highest priority which is why we have implemented a unique backup system which has never failed us. Zero reported complete data loss incidents in past 6 years!

Different hosting platforms to suit every need!

Each type of hosting service we provide is further optimized with unique performance tweaks!

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